IoT based Smart Workspace solution


CIVISENSE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is formed in 2019 for transform dedicated workspaces into smart open and flexible workspaces.
Our system helps businesses in reducing their real estate footprint.
We have been in this mission to transform workspaces into more responsive and to be of 21st century.
Our core expertise is into Internet of things.

Our core values are 3 Is which are :
1. Integrity
2. Innovation
3. Insightful implementations 

Smart Sensors desks

Installed at your desk makes your workspace smarter

- Smart LED to show desk status (Available/Busy/Authenticating) - Wireless BLE tag based authentication - Small BLE range (1-3 meters) just to cover your desk - Monitors desk utilisation - Reports Desk anomalies to cloud dashboard - Battery version is also available

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